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About Nepal Water Resource Portal

The Nepal Water Resource Portal provides a complete picture of Nepal’s water resources and its varied uses. It is a database of all major and minor rivers and river basins along with operational, under construction and under survey hydropower projects on these rivers. In addition, the website includes irrigation projects and groundwater level across the country, giving a spatial representation of Nepal’s water resource and its utilities.

The team working on the portal was inspired by the lack of composite information on how water resources are used or at times even exploited. This portal, therefore, provides a tool to analyze water resources and the development of a region. It uses GIS to locate the infrastructure projects on each river, within the administrative boundaries along with the salient features of those projects, bringing to light the developmental trajectory of our rivers.

River with Hydropower Projects

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Seti Khola


  • Seti- II Small Hydropower Project
  • Seti Khola Hydropower Project
  • Seti Hydropower Project
  • Setikhola Hydroelectric Project
  • Tanahu Hydroelectric Project
  • Super Seti HEP
  • Bajhang Upper Seti HEP
  • Phewa Hydropower Project
  • Upper Seti-1 HEP
  • Supreme Middle Seti HEP
  • Karuwa Seti HEP
  • Seti Khola HPP
  • Setikhola Hydroelectric Project
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Mai Khola


  • Mai Khola Hydropower Project
  • Mai Hydropower Project
  • Mai Cascade Hydropower Station
  • Upper Mai C Hydroelectric Project
  • Mai Cascade Hydropower Project
  • Upper Mai Hydroelectric Project
  • Mai Beni Hydropower Project
  • Super Mai Hydropower Project
  • Mai Third HPP
  • Super Mai Khola Cascade Hydropower Project
  • Super Mai-A Hydropower Project
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Trishuli River


  • Super Trishuli Hydropower Project
  • Trishuli Hydropower Station
  • Upper Trishuli 3B Hydropower Project
  • Upper Trishuli-1 Hydropower Project
  • Upper Trishuli-2 Hydropower Project
  • Upper Trishuli Khola HPP
  • Devighat Hydropower Station
  • Upper Trishuli 3A Hydropower Project
  • Middle Trishuli Ganga Nadi Hydropower Project
  • Trishuli Galchhi Hydropower Project
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Tamor River


  • Middle Tamor Hydropower Project
  • Upper Tamor Hydropower Project
  • Tamor Storage
  • Tamor Storage
  • Tamor Storage
  • Tamor Storage
  • Tamor Storage
  • Tamor Storage
  • Ghunsa-Tamor HEP
  • Tamor Mewa Hydropower Project
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Modi Khola


  • Upper Modi A Hydropower Project
  • Upper Modi Hydropower Cascade Project
  • Modikhola Hydropower Station
  • Lower Modi 1 Hydropower Project
  • Lower Modi Khola Hydropower Project
  • Middle Modi
  • Lower Modi-II Cascade Hydropower Project
  • Machhapuchhre Modi HEP
  • Landruk Modi HEP
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Hewa Khola


  • Hewa A Small Hydroelectric Project
  • Hewa Khola Small Hydropower Project
  • Hewa Khola A Hydropower Project
  • Upper Hewa Hydropower Project
  • Super Hewa Hydropower Project
  • Hewa Khola (Chainpur) HEP
  • Lower Hewa Hydropower Project
  • Lower Hewa Khola-A HPP
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Kali Gandaki River


  • Tanchhahara Small Hydropower Project
  • Gulandi Khola Small Hydropower
  • Kaligandaki A Hydropower Station
  • Kaligandaki Gorge Hydropower Project
  • Middle Kaligandaki Hydropower Project
  • Tiplyang Kaligandaki HEP
  • Kali Gandaki-Kowan Hydropower Project
  • Kaligandaki Upper Hydropower Project
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Marsyangdi River


  • Upper Marsyangdi- 2 Hydropower Project
  • Upper Marsyangdi 1 Hydropower Project
  • Marsyangdi Besi Hydropower Project
  • Lower Manang Marsyangdi Hydropower Project
  • Manang Marsyangdi Hydropower Project
  • Marsyangdi Hydropower Station
  • Middle Marsyangdi Hydropower Station
  • Upper Marsyangdi A
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Likhu Khola


  • Likhu -1 Hydropower Project
  • Likhu -2 Hydropower Project
  • Likhu Khola 'A' Hydropower Project
  • Likhu 4 A Cascade Hydroelectric Project
  • Middle Likhu Small Hydroelectric Project
  • Likhu-4 Hydropower Project
  • Lower Likhu Hydropower Project
  • Likhu Khola Hydropower Project
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Kabeli Khola


  • Super Kabeli Khola HPP
  • Upper Kabeli HPP
  • Upper Kabeli-2 HPP
  • Super Kabeli Khola A
  • Kabeli-3 HEP
  • Kabeli B - 1 Hydropower Project
  • Kabeli-A Hydropower Project
  • Kabeli B1 Cascade HPP
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Bhotekoshi River


  • Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project
  • Rasuwa Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project
  • Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project
  • Upper Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project
  • Botekoshi 5 HEP
  • Bhotekoshi Khola HEP
  • Bhotekoshi V HEP
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Madi Khola


  • Namarjun Madi Hydropower Project
  • Madi-Bhorletar Hydropower Project
  • Super Madi Hydropower Project
  • Madi Storage Hydroelectric Project
  • Upper Madi Hydropower Project
  • Bajra Madi Hydropower Project
  • Gapuche Madi Nadi HEP

Hydropower Projects

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Dhansi Khola Mini Hydropower Project

Dhawang,Liwang,Whama (Rolpa)

  • Issue Date: 2010-10-16
  • Installed Capacity : 0.996 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
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Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project

Bulung,Gauri Sankar,Khare,Lamabagar,Sunakhani,Sundrawati (Dolakha)

The Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project is a 456 MW peaking run-of-the-river hydroelectric project in Nepal. It is the largest hydroelectric project in Nepal, and was originally slated for completion in July 2018, later pushed back to December 2018, and again pushed back to November 2019.It is sited on the Tamakoshi River (also spelled Tamba Koshi), a tributary of the Sun Kosi river (also spelled Sunkoshi), near the Nepal–Tibet border. The Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project is a Nepal national priority project. When it is completed, it is projected be the largest hydroelectric plant in Nepal, with a power output equivalent to two-thirds of Nepal's current power generation.[2][5] The Project is entirely financed from domestic financial institutions and companies.
  • Issue Date: 2010-12-03
  • Installed Capacity : 456 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
  • Type : Run of River
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Upper Trishuli 3A Hydropower Project

Dandagoun,Laharepouwa,Thulogoun,Ramche (Rasuwa)

  • Issue Date: 2011-02-27
  • Installed Capacity : 60 MW
  • Phase : Live
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Pikhuwa Khola Hydropower Project

Kota,Bokhim,Bhojpur (Bhojpur)

  • Issue Date: 2011-03-26
  • Installed Capacity : 5 MW
  • Phase : Live
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Khani Khola - 1 Hydropower Project

Khare,Marbu (Dolakha)

  • Issue Date: 2011-05-11
  • Installed Capacity : 40 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
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Dordi Khola Hydropower Project

Archalbot,Chiti,Dhodeni,Nauthar,Shree Banjyang,Udipur (Lamjung)

Dordi Khola Hydropower Project is a Run-of-River type hydroelectric project with generating capacity of 27 MW. The project is being developed by Himalayan Power Partner Ltd. (HPPL) Kathmandu, Nepal. HPPL is promoted by IME Group and later joined by NRN Investment Ltd. to develop Dordi Khola HPP with equity sharing in 49:51 ratios. This is the first corporate investment of Non Resident Nepalese (NRN) in Nepal. Feasibility Study of the Project was completed in March 2010. Detail Project Report (DPR) is prepared by international consultant Entura Hydro Tasmania.
  • Issue Date: 2011-07-07
  • Installed Capacity : 27 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
  • Type : Run of River
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Rahughat Hydropower Project

Jhin (Myagdi)

  • Issue Date: 2011-07-19
  • Installed Capacity : 40 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
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Middle Tadi Khola Hydropower Project

Rautbesi,Samundratar,Shikharbesi (Nuwakot)

  • Application Date: 2018-11-15
  • Installed Capacity : 5.5 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
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Jumdi Khola Small Hydropower Project

Bharse,Hasara,Juhang (Gulmi)

  • Issue Date: 2011-10-24
  • Installed Capacity : 1.75 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
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Mristi Khola Hydropower Project

Dana,Narchyang (Myagdi)

  • Issue Date: 2011-11-06
  • Installed Capacity : 42 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
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Sanjen Hydropower Project

Chilime (Rasuwa)

Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company Limited (SJCL), a company promoted by Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHPCL), is a public limited company established in 2010 AD with the objective of harnessing hydropower potential of the county with maximum participation of local people in the projects’ ownership and mobilization of local resources for the successful implementation of various hydroelectric projects.
  • Issue Date: 2011-11-28
  • Installed Capacity : 42.5 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
  • Type : Cascade
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Upper Mailung -A Hydropower Project

Gatlang,Haku (Rasuwa)

  • Issue Date: 2011-12-27
  • Installed Capacity : 6.42 MW
  • Phase : Under Construction
  • Type : Run of River