Energy Generation


Installed Capacity


Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Ltd. obtained survey license of capacity 5 MW from Department of Electricity Development (DoED) for the development of Upper Hugdi Khola Hydropower Project located at Hugdi Khola of Gulmi district. During feasibility study period of the project, Nepal Electricity Authority has fixed the ceiling for design discharge at 65% probability of exceedence on the basis of which the installed capacity of the project was fixed at 2625kW. After completion of feasibility study and further river flow measurement and exploration of different options to increase the capacity so that financial soundness could be increased. In the mean time, Nepal Electricity Authority has announced to purchase the electricity of those projects which installed capacity is fixed with design discharge at least 40% probability of exceedence which was awaiting policy to the company. Due to formulation of this policy exploitation of potentiality of the river as well as project’s financial soundness could be increased by increasing the power output in marginal increase in project cost. This could make the project more feasible in the current situation of construction cost increase and stagnant energy price.

Salient Features

Hydrology ( Intake )

Catchment Area 120 km2
Design Discharge 3.75 m3/s in 43.5% excedence flow
Maximum Net Head 160m - 171.17 m
Maximum Gross Head 184.5 m

Application for Survey License


Survey License Approved


Application for Generation License


Under Construction