Energy Generation


Installed Capacity


Chilime Hydropower Plant is a run-of-the-river type plant situated in Chilime of Rasuwa district in Nepal, which is 133 km north of Kathmandu. Its headworks are located near Chilime, whereas the underground power plant is located about 4.5 km (2.8 mi) to the southwest in Syafrubesi on the banks of the local Bhotekoshi river. Water from a weir is diverted into a reservoir before it can be used at the power plant. The difference in elevation between the reservoir and power station affords a gross hydraulic head (water drop) of 351.5 m (1,153 ft). The plant has an installed capacity of 22.1 MW. The generated electricity is fed into the national grid via a 38 km 66 kV single circuit transmission line. Most of the powerhouse facilities are underground, with the switchyard the only feature that remains on the surface. The plant employs two horizontal axis Pelton turbines each of 11.28 MW. The plant is operated by Chilime Hydropower Company Limited which is a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority. The plant started its commercial generation from August 2003.

Salient Features

Hydrology ( Intake )

Maximum Net Head 337.46 m
Maximum Gross Head 351.5 m
Peaking Pondage Storage Capacity 53032 m^3

Head Works (Intake)

Diversion Height 13m
Diversion Length 3.25m


Penstock – Length 635.5 m
Penstock -Diameter 1.64 m to 2.17 m
Tailrace Tunnel – Length 243m
Surge Tank 6.5 m*33 m


Type Horizontal, Pelton
Number of Units 2
Rated Discharge 7.5m^3/s
Rated Output 2*11.28 MW


Rated Capacity 13 MVA
Type Brushless Excitation


Number of Units 7 (Single Phase, 4.25 MVA)

Application for Survey License


Survey License Approved


Application for Generation License


Under Construction